Archive | April 2015

The Toppled Tower

I used the stones in place of bones
to build a tower in my home.
I waited until I was alone
or mommy would have known.

I let myself see that the tower was as tall as me.
All my bones showed that I had grown.

Once the tower stood tall,
I knew it was time for it to fall.
Great destruction upon my instruction!
The chaos was my payoff.

I left a little mess so that I might confess.
For there was glory in my story.

Still my addiction was a fiction.
The rise is all a disguise
to demonstrate nature’s true prize.


The Found Traveler

Which one is the lost one?
The one who cannot find his destination?
Or is it the one who has no destination?
At least the former knows where is going.
But how can the latter be lost if he has no goal?
He is exactly where he intends to be. Anywhere.

I asked myself these questions as I made my way through the shifting sand.
Nothing but sweeping sands and sky; like an open maze.
I am so thoroughly bored.
Travelers from the desert invariably happen by the towns.
I never know what astonishing anecdote to expect from their visit.
But here I am, and I do not see them or their fairy tales.
All I see is the sky, the sand, and whatever fantasy my mind sees as make believe.

Miss Faceless

I met a lady by the bay.
And I said to her “hey!”
She replied in kind.
My lady, please do not mind.
But something is on my mind.
Your hair parts on your face.
Yet I see nothing in that space!

Once a man part this very sea;
as a gift and a divine mercy.
This rift was made for them to see,
the gift given to me.
On this they did not agree.
Somehow I would be the end of me.

Heaven knows I tried to be strong,
for the gift made wrong.
I was young and I did not know
how to live in sorrow.
Now my face is lost from its place.

I came here to join the endless sea.
With all those who lost everything they could be.
Pretending to be everything they should be.
Oh, what a shame that they all feel the same.