Miss Faceless

I met a lady by the bay.
And I said to her “hey!”
She replied in kind.
My lady, please do not mind.
But something is on my mind.
Your hair parts on your face.
Yet I see nothing in that space!

Once a man part this very sea;
as a gift and a divine mercy.
This rift was made for them to see,
the gift given to me.
On this they did not agree.
Somehow I would be the end of me.

Heaven knows I tried to be strong,
for the gift made wrong.
I was young and I did not know
how to live in sorrow.
Now my face is lost from its place.

I came here to join the endless sea.
With all those who lost everything they could be.
Pretending to be everything they should be.
Oh, what a shame that they all feel the same.



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