Archive | May 2015

The Line of No Return

Every man has his price.
Not me.
Every man has his gift.
I have yet to find mine.
Every man has his limits.
Even me.

And when the line is crossed.
It moves back so it is not crossed.
But a time will come when it can recede no more.
Then it shall be dragged back to its starting point.
Wreaking uncontrollable havoc on anything in between.

It shall be a vengeance like none other.
Mighty lions squeal like mice.
Great eagles withdraw from the
skies they once so proudly called their own.
And scorching flames fueled by souls of the dead .
shall rule the land.

And when the act is done I shall go to a land so far away.
Only to realize, nothing has changed.
My mind still had not journeyed with my body.
And it will be too late to correct this atrocity.
And in my final breathe I will take comfort in the fact that it will all soon be over.


The Son of Seven Heavens

A soul pure and a future secure.
The guarantee of royal success promised to impress.
A highborn prince with every glimpse.
The son of seven heavens.

But destiny is no melody.
She deceives those who make believe.
Covered in darkness, the eyes cannot see what the pen has decreed.
Flames dance and burn, corrupting those they concern.
All other light having taken flight in the night.
A seduction with no competition.
Affliction all but a given.

Purity consumed by insecurity.
Heaven I have burned.
Heaven I have failed.
That which was once pure is no more.

The best of intent gone without a scent.
Burnt to its core, no longer secure.

Let the truth be told.
Let the truth be told.

Those who sit and wait for day do not survive the night.