The Son of Seven Heavens

A soul pure and a future secure.
The guarantee of royal success promised to impress.
A highborn prince with every glimpse.
The son of seven heavens.

But destiny is no melody.
She deceives those who make believe.
Covered in darkness, the eyes cannot see what the pen has decreed.
Flames dance and burn, corrupting those they concern.
All other light having taken flight in the night.
A seduction with no competition.
Affliction all but a given.

Purity consumed by insecurity.
Heaven I have burned.
Heaven I have failed.
That which was once pure is no more.

The best of intent gone without a scent.
Burnt to its core, no longer secure.

Let the truth be told.
Let the truth be told.

Those who sit and wait for day do not survive the night.


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