Archive | January 2016

By The Time

Everyone always told me…
“Son, watch out for time.”
“Time will pass you by.”
“Before you know it, you’ll be an old man.”
As if time was a living predator waiting to overtake me.
And they would stare off into the scenery, as if seeing something I was blind to.

It’s not that I didn’t believe them.
But it’s one thing to know something and another to understand.
And it’s even another to experience it.
And sure enough time had overtaken me.
But not like a predator.
More like I had snuck up on myself. And then I watched myself pass me by.

And I sat there Monday morning watching the clock move very slowly.
And I wondered how my juniors had grown older than me.
I wondered how years passed me by around me yet I lay frozen in the past.
Not a minute of progress, not an inch of growth.
And when my age slips my tongue, I don’t believe myself.
Now I sit and stare at a scene everyone else is blind to.

And yet…though I’m not that old….I know that 40 years will pass in 4 minutes…though it may be a long 4 minutes. And I’ll still be here.


A Devil Sighting

I’ve seen the devil. The truth is, I see him all the time. If you look, you’ll see him too. Look for him in every playground bully. Find him telling an old man to yell at the cashier for a problem he wasn’t born to see. Watch for him on the road filling people’s minds with angry thoughts. No one knows how to drive. Fight this man. Watch him turn civilized adults into enraged children. See him persuade people that fighting is resolving. See him turn children against their parents and parents against their children. Why would a parent not understand their child? Or a child not understand his parents? Truly it is the devil between them that they do not understand. The devil between friends and the devil seeping through the cracks of each marriage. He thrives on every conflict and on every misunderstanding. He grows strong on the soil of ignorance.

Feel him coursing through your veins, convincing you that his whispers are your own thoughts. Twisting your emotions this way and that. Anger is his right hand; envy is his left. And verily he is a great manipulator. Transforming humility into self-pity, confidence into arrogance, and kindness into weakness; exposing the dark side of every facet.

Then when the sun sets and the night turns cold, the people leave to their homes. I see him take his final form. His whispers come from every direction. He tells me I am alone. He reminds me of my failures. He tells me these thoughts are my own and the only solution is his. Each night I find myself a little less resistant against every false promise. Each night my reasoning falls a little further from morality. He is a master of his art. And I hope he never leaves for he will only leave once his battle is won.

He has seduced you with everything you never wanted forcing you to leave everything which you loved. Who else pushed for betrayal. Who else instilled fear in the hearts? Who else convinced you to prove your value in the worst way? The cold truth is; we are all possessed.