Recess Is Over

He could still hear the bell ringing as he walked outside. Fifty minutes to kill until recess ended. All the other children ran ahead eager to make the best of their limited time. The kid took a deep breath and walked over to the red brick wall on the side of the building. No one really came to that area. There wasn’t much room to play. But this particular child wasn’t going to be doing any playing. Rather, he used to walk over there every day and wait for recess to end. He stood there with his arms folded and his eyes fixed on the gravel.

“Isn’t gravel supposed to be black? Why does it look so gray? It must be really old.” He thought to himself. As the boredom began to set in, he began kicking around a broken piece of rock on the playground.

One of the other children approached him. He was chubby boy of average height, although his bad posture made him look shorter. His brown uncombed hair dangled over his eyes as he approached with his skinny sidekick.

“Hey that’s my rock!” shouted the chubby boy.

“No, no it’s not. I found it.” The kid responded timidly.

“I put it there yesterday for safe keeping. You stole it.” The chubby boy continued to shout.

“Okay fine, just take it.” Said the kid. He knew the chubby boy was lying, but he did not like confrontation nor was the rock worth anything to him. He started to walk away.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going!” The chubby boy was still shouting. He picked up the rock. He raced forward and struck the kid in the head.

The kid fell over. “OUCH! What did you do that for!?”

The chubby boy laughed, “Because thieves have to be punished.”

The kid, “I didn’t steal anything. Maybe if you’d get your stupid hair out of your eyes you could see clearly and stop being so stupid all the time!”

The chubby boy turned red.
“Are you just gonna let him say that?” Asked the skinny boy.
“Of course not. I’m gonna clobber him.” The chubby boy was no longer shouting. He grabbed the kid by the shirt and raised his fist to punch him. But the skinny boy was too fast. The chubby boy got a face full of knuckles and toppled to the ground. He began crying.

“Just leave me alone. Take your stupid rock and go away.” Said the kid.

That is when the hall monitor arrived on the scene. “What happened here? Are you okay?”

“He hit me, he hit me!” Shouted the chubby boy.
“He did, I saw!” Yelled the skinny boy.

“Alright, you’re coming with me.” The hall monitor said glaring at kid.
“But he hit me first!” screamed the kid. “Look I’m bleeding!”

“Okay, I’m going to take you to the nurse, then we’re all going straight to the principal’s office.”


Not long after, the kid found himself sitting across from the chubby boy in the principal’s office. The principal was the most generic man you could possibly imagine. He was everything a textbook principal should be and look like; or at least that’s how the children perceived him.

The principal had been talking for quite a while. The kid had not been paying attention.

The principal continued, “You will both receive in school suspensions for a week. We have a zero-tolerance policy on violence. This is completely unacceptable and I am very disappointed in both of you. Both of you need to learn to behave. Whatever problems you both have can be solved in a more appropriate manner. Again, I am very disappointed in both of you. You are dismissed.”

As the students stood up to leave the principal looked to the kid, “Are you smiling? You want to tell me what is so funny?”

The kid answered, “Nothing. I’m just happy recess is over.”


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