Archive | April 2018

The Skyscrapers

The skyscrapers standing tall; so close yet still lingering behind. It was a habit of mine to look up at the redness of sky every day as soon as I walked out. The alternating colors, the openness, the setting sun, the varying clouds; it was all so captivating. I stared for a minute then made my way through the crowd. I could feel my legs hitting the back of my coat as I walked. I like my coat. I appreciate the way it acts as a barrier between myself and the outside world.

There was a man standing on the corner; a street performer who had attracted a small crowd. He was a magician by name, a trickster by trade. Nothing but a tale concocted by the mind to explain what the senses had failed to perceive.

I passed by a small café where a young man and woman were engaged in some sort of dispute. They were sitting across from each other. I was trying to figure out if they had finished eating or had not gotten their food yet. It’s best to save arguing until after you eat. You don’t want to ruin the meal. At least after the meal you can part ways.  They were probably having a good night until he said something. Or maybe she’s just mad for no reason. Or maybe he’s mad for some reason. Maybe they’re not even mad, maybe they’re just hungry.

As I approached the parking garage, I noticed a man shifting through his pockets. I wonder what he was looking for. He wasn’t facing the parking garage. He was probably looking for his keys or his phone; two things people always use and are always looking for. How do you lose something you were using two minutes ago?

I was driving away now. My eyes were now required to be focused on the cracked and gravely road; a hundred things to notice and no time to take any of it in. As I drove away, I glanced into the rearview mirror. I noticed the skyscrapers standing tall; so close yet still lingering behind.


The mind is an unexplored landscape. Why build the same things on yours that have been built everywhere else?