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A good traveler knows it’s better to be behind on the right path, than ahead on the wrong path.


The Scene I See

All roads end in disaster

All I can do is stand still

The scene around me begins to change…

And I start to see

Even standing still is not standing still

Disaster will end up finding me.

The mind is an unexplored landscape. Why build the same things on yours that have been built everywhere else?

How peculiar is man, that what saddens him most is the loss of things that never were.

The truth may cut once. But a lie cuts over and over again, in different ways.

The Temporary Nature of Things

Let’s talk about the fleeting nature of things. People keep saying, I don’t have time for temporary friends or things etc.

That’s like saying you don’t have time for life. Everything in life is temporary, that doesn’t make it less worth while.

Imagine a kid in a playground. Eventually his parents will take him home and he’ll start crying “no I wanna stayyyy 5 more minutessss”. But his parents will ultimately make him leave. It doesn’t mean he never should have gone. He played for a while, then it was time to go.

Temporary people are no different. People are not meant to stay with you forever.

We are all travelers on a journey. A person stays with his companion for as long as their paths agree. Then he is on his way. And you are on yours. Wish your companion farewell and do not blame a traveler for travelling, rather be happy for your companion.

How strange that I feel more awake while I dream and that I try to dream while awake.